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          Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in the research & development, production and distribution of lightning protection products. 

          The company has formed a complete series of products, including: power supply series, network series, monitoring series, communication series, antenna feeder series, and direct lightning stroke series, which can satisfy the lightning protection demands at all levels. Core electron devices selected by the products have superior performance and are safe and reliable, are all Europe and America famous brands, and have passed ISO, UL, VDE, and CSA international certification.

          The company has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality control system, which can guarantee the reliability and stability of product quality. Besides, the products have passed the detection of many authorized detection organizations at national level such as “Beijing Testing Center of Surge Protective Devices”, “Testing Center on Functional Features of Lightning Protection Products of Communication of Information Industry Ministry”, and “China Ceprei Laboratory”, are recommended and recorded by “Guangdong Lightning Protection Center” and lightning protection centers of many other provinces. In July 2009, this company was elected as Guangdong excellent enterprise. 

          With the principle of "people oriented technology and casting brand with service", our company is always aiming to cast famous brand in China. In research & development of products, we advocate the people oriented principle, making the installation and maintenance of products more human. For after service, we give high priority over customers, and consider fully for them. Customer satisfaction is our final pursuance. 

          Like “all rivers running into sea and virtues coming from all our goodness”, we sparkplug people oriented principle in management, lay stress on the employees' personal development, encourage innovation, and strive to achieve the co-development of the enterprise and employees. We firmly believe with a broad mind like the sea, we can surely gain talents of various specialties; modesty and the practical-minded merits can surely enable us to draw the respectable strengths and forge the China famous brand.