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          Legal Notices

          1. Rules and conditions for accessing the website of Haide lightning protection.

          The following rules apply to all users or visitors to this website. Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ("Haide Lightning Protection") reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. The right to access this website is granted by Haide in accordance with the following terms. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please stop using this website. For violations of these rules, We have the right to take legal and fair remedies.


          2. Disclaimer of duty statement


          The materials and information contained on this website, including but not limited to texts,pictures, data, opinions, suggestions, web pages or links, although “Haide” strive to provide accurate materials and information on the website, we can’t guaranteed these materials and contents are accurate, complete, sufficient, and reliable, and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in such materials and content, and do not make any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to, warranties of title for such materials and content. There is no infringement of third party’s rights, quality and no computer virus guarantee.

          We can modify the contents of this website at any time without any notice or prompt. In order to get the latest version of information, please visit this website regularly.

          The non-Haide lightning protection products or services mentioned by “Haide”on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of such products or services.

          Haide does not make any representations, warranties or endorsements of any products, services or information available on the website, and all products and services sold are subject to the company's sales contracts and terms.


          3、Copyright statement

          All materials or content contained on this website are protected by copyright law, and all copyrights are owned by “Haide”, except for those cited by other parties. No part of this website may be copied, distributed, reprinted, broadcasted, hyperlinked or transmitted by hyperlink, or otherwise loaded by "mirror method" without prior written permission of “Haide” or the other party. Use on the server, stored in an information retrieval system or any other commercial purpose, Except for non-commercial, personal use downloads or prints (provided that they are not modified and that the copyright notice or other proprietary notice in the material must be retained).



          All trademarks and logos used and displayed on the “Haide”website are owned by us, except for trademarks, logos and trade names owned by other parties. Nothing contained in the website shall be deemed to be a license or right to use any of the foregoing trademarks, logos, without implied, without objection or otherwise, without the written permission of us or other parties. No one may use the Hyde lightning protection name and the trademark or mark of Hyde lightning protection in any way without prior written permission.


          5.Products and services

          Due to the international or borderless nature of the Internet, the information provided through this website is also international, so not all products or services mentioned on this website are available in your country or region. Please contact the local representative sales or agent to know the products or services offered in your country.


          6、The third party link

          This website may retain links to third party websites. Access to these links will be decided by the user.We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of any information, data, opinions, images, statements or suggestions provided on such links.We provide these links solely for convenience and does not imply endorsement and recommendation of such information, nor for promotional or advertising purposes.


          7. Protection of personal information

          We fully respect your privacy and spares no effort to protect your personal information. Normally, you don't need to provide any personal information to browse the website. For specific purposes, if you voluntarily fill out the name, gender, type of document and ID number, date of birth, country, email address, phone number, contact address,zip code or the services or preferences, customer codes, and other similar personal information that are required to register or subscribe to the digital information,indicating that you understand and accept the use of your personal information and agree that we use your personal information for that specific purpose.

          We commit that we will not sell your personal information at any time or any circumstances. We will only use the information obtained under this clause to the extent permitted by law. However, We may provide certain personal information to these departments according to the requirements of the law and government; or when we has reason to believe that it is necessary to protect “Haide”, customers or the public, It is also possible to disclose certain personal information as little as possible, and you should have foreseen and agreed to this when you provide your personal information.


          8.Applicable law and jurisdiction

          By accessing this website and using the facilities and/or services provided through the website, you agree that the visit and the provision of the implementation and / or services are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China and be subject to the courts of the People's Republic of China Jurisdiction.