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          In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of the company's after-sales service, when the user uses the company's lightning protection products, if there is a problem or feel unsatisfactory and requires replacement or return, it will be implemented according to these rules.

          First, one of the following circumstances, can be implemented returned:

          1, lightning protection products being damaged in transit; 
          2, The problem of the lightning protection products ; 
          3, using during the warranty period, there is non-human damage such as module aging, lightning strikes, etc.; 
          Second, under the following circumstances, the Company shall not be returned:

          1 Did not contact the after-sales service department before returning the goods; 
          2, The unpacked products are returned incomplete or damaged, and the accessories and attached materials are incomplete.; 
          3, human-induced damage (such as: improper installation and use, disassembly or modification, etc.); 
          4, product warranty has expired; 
          5, due to damage caused by force majeure; 
          6,The products are not belong to our company; 
          7, Open privately without our consent .

          Third, the returned program :

          1, the user fills in the "Application Form for returned products," and states the reason for the return ,then  sent back with the product to the company's service department; 
          2, the Company received, the investigation is to verify what kind of situation; 
          3 Replies users. We will notify the user in writing whether the product can be returned, if yes,the case will be into the next program; 
          4, the procedures for returned products.

          Guangzhou Haide Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. owns the final interpretation of the above relevant provisions .