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          Market management agreement 
          First, the order of the contract signed 
          1, In principle, the marketing department of Haide only accepts the price consultation in the written form of the distributor;     
          2, Haide's marketing department provides a written quotation to the dealer.     
          3, After the quotation is confirmed by the dealer, the two parties sign the formal sales contract, and both parties seal the confirmation (fax treated as valid). 
          4, all orders are made in writing, Haide's marketing department shall not accept telephone orders and other forms of e-mail. 
          Second, the ordering and payment processes 
          1, qualified dealers fax orders to Haide's marketing department, all orders should indicate that the goods of the type, order number, quantity, unit price, delivery mode, destination and placing an other information, such as the above information is incomplete, Company reserves the right to return or delay the order processing. 
          2, in principle, equal to distributors are required to pay in advance 30% of the total contract purchase price as deposit, the deposit is received after the dealer, Haide's side to their production. At the same time this part of the deposit will be kept separate column, not for other purposes and in the relevant contract is finished before the contract shall not be offset against other accounts receivable. In this process, as dealers for no reason to cancel the order, the deposit is not refundable. 
          3, dealers receive a shipment notification fax, in accordance with the agreed payment orders, bank wire transfer certificate and fax a copy to my company's marketing department, the company confirmed arrangements for delivery. 
          Third, the supply cycle 
          1, dealers in money orders to the rear, in the same day or next working day for delivery procedures, there is no spot for the product will be specified in the order delivery. Standing for a week delivery models, products, orders are prepared, within three weeks of delivery. Delivery are calculated from the date of deposit to arrive. 
          2, Haide has confirmed that the dealers should be a relatively fixed shipping method. 
          3, for the stocking, packaging and shipping process and cargo damage caused by errors, the dealer shall within three days from receipt of the goods 
          Haide's marketing department informed, or its reason to believe that the dealer has received qualified products. 
          Support system 
          We will do our best to provide users with on-site technical support, under normal circumstances, the Pearl River Delta area a day or two we can arrive at the scene to provide guidance; province in remote areas we can come within a week to guide; other provinces, regions will arrangements to provide on-site guidance within two weeks. If the situation is very urgent we will take emergency measures as soon as possible on-site service. Dealers can email digital photos to the Hyde site marketing consulting services. 
          Technical Support Policy 
          1, Haide companies to distributors provide technical guidance documents; 
          2, Haide Company to provide technical training to dealers, distributors of technology to help solve the problem; 
          3, Haide companies can help dealers prepare a variety of technical solutions and tender documents; 
          4, targeted jointly held a number of technical exchanges, dealers in the User to expand the impact of the industry. 
          Distribution by channel 
          Dealers in principle to geographical-based, supplemented by industry; but without the remote offices or branches dealers and joint-stock partnership. 
          1, the regional distributor 
          In principle, the regional distribution of the provincial or prefecture-level cities as a unit, can only apply for a province or a city as a distribution area; 
          2, industry distributors 
          In principle, the industry distribution to provincial or regional trade as a unit, the dealer can only apply for one or more regional industry of the distribution area. 
          Marketing support policy 
          1, Haide company free of charge to the dealer to provide a certain amount of a full range of product samples. 
          2, The marketing-related documents to the dealers; actively cooperate with the dealer held a variety of product promotion activities to help dealers to participate in bidding, to help dealers develop end-user. 
          3, in various media, advertising and brand image for product promotion, to improve product and company visibility. 
          4, targeted a number of joint participation in exhibitions, expand the dealer in the user within the industry and so on.